About Us

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"We Bring Intelligence to Things"

Mobilint is an AI Semiconductor start-up established in 2019 that aims to create a more convenient and safer world by materializing the infinite potential of AI technology in the real world.

Our Story

Since its formation in 2019, Mobilint has amassed notable prominence among the global semiconductor community for its AI and Deep Learning technology innovations.

In its first year, it garnered a top classification among South Korean contestants in the MLPerf benchmark test and was welcomed as one of the founding members of the MLPerf.

Emerging as the dark horse of the domestic AI semiconductor community,

Mobilint provides solutions for the most thought-provoking and ambitious

AI challenges and Deep Learning projects.

As a global team of talented engineers that truly understand the joy of breaking barriers in technology, we value individuals with strong academic backgrounds and an appetite for an experience in the uncharted territories of Deep Learning technology, and a desire

to unleash one’s full potential as a pioneer and founding member of the AI era.